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We’ve tried to answer every question we think you could have concerning Totalcost. If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us.

An event host is someone who owns an event, He pays event vendors for the services they render at his event. If the event is a birthday, the even host is the celebrant, or shoever is organizing the birthday party.

An event vendor is anyone who provides a service in any capacity at an event. He could be a musician, A Disk jockey (DJ), Caterer, or a bouncer. As long as your product or service is consumed at an event, you are an event vendor.

You are an event host as long as you are organizing an event. However, In the context of, to become an event host, all you need is to signup and create an event.

You can't use the event host feature of the platform now, as we are yet to launch to the general public.

To become a event vendor, you need to signup as a vendor, and fill in all the adequate vendor information required, and pass the vendor verification excercise.

You can't use the event vendor feature of the platform yet. However, you can pre-register as a vendor, and we will inform you when we are ready.

We are open to receive vendors in all event service delievery categories possinble

  • Catering,Decoration and Confectionarie
  • Fashion, Accessories, Jewelries and Make up
  • Media and Photography
  • Rental Services,Logistics
  • Location Managers,Venues and Halls
  • Security, Ushering and Hospitality
  • Entertainment, MCs
  • Musicians, Bands and DJs
  • etc

We are currently working on the platform, to make it work well for you the users. We can not give an explicit date now. However, if you subscribe to our emails,you will be among the first people to know when we are ready.

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